An incident happened last Month. Someone tried to break into our house.

My husband went out to pay our electric bill in Meralco. Audrey was drowsy to we’ve decided not to come along. I noticed the incessant barking of our dog – even after my husband left. I thought he forgot something and came back, and attributed this possibility to the behavior of our pet.

It turned out that someone broke into our house.

I did not notice this at first. I even yelled at the dog to stop what I deemed as noise. I was feeding Audrey in the kitchen. When I turned around – to my utter bewilderment – I saw this man just outside our place. He was staring at me. He was holding a long wood plant. He was even smirking – the kind of reaction that a predator gives to its cornered prey.

Panic set in.

I screamed, all the time asking him who he is but instead of fleeting, he did an entirely different thing: he was trying to open our door, with force. I began shaking uncontrollably. I held Audrey with my arms as both my hands went numb – a reaction I have when tension is high.

The man must have that I was holding my mobile phone, and this made him run off. About two minutes after that, to my relief, my husband arrived. He forgot something. I screamed again to call attention and asked him to alert the guard about the criminal.

We have already filed a blotter in the barangay as well as the police, but we need something more than that: for our safety as well as everyone in the village, it would be good to close the gate behind our place. This was used as an entry point for various people, even construction workers, which poses a threat to our day to day security. Even the man who attempted to break into our place utilized it for his benefit. Audrey and I could have been dead by now.

I am also calling the attention of our developer, One Asia, about this unwanted incident. While the gate remains open to be accessed by the outsiders, it would be good to all of us if they would deploy again a person to guard that gate. One Asia used to assign a guard for that spot of the subdivision, and I think it’s about time to have that person again.

Apparently, leaving that spot open to practically everyone is detrimental to us. One Asia should realize this.

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  1. That must have been terrifying to experience. We once experienced a break in thrice in one of the houses I was living in. The last time we saw the culprit but didn’t catch him. I still feel chills when I remember what happened

  2. ABSOLUTELY terrifying. Seriously. Someone broke into my car in my new condo parking structure and I was totally heartbroken even to just think that people be so petty.

  3. Thank goodness you and your baby are alright. I can’t even imagine the fear you must have had when he tried to forcefully open the door. I would have been screaming, too. You are taking all the right steps to keep you and your family safe. I would get the word out to as many people in the community as possible.

    1. Yes Nancy thats what im trying to do that time. Unfortunately i dont have neighbor on my right and front side. 🙁

  4. OMG…NO!! That is one of my worst fears! I do not know what I would do, I hope I would think quickly like you did.

  5. What a scary experience! I would have been terrified too! I’m glad he ran off but I hope the situation with the gate get resolved quickly!

  6. Oh my, what an awful moment! I don’t know what I would have done if I was you, I’d probably panic! You need to take all the mesures to avoid this happening again. Please, stay safe!

  7. Wow, what an absolutely scary situation. I am always fearful that this will happen, but thankfully we have a barking dog and my husband is a cop.