My Church Search is over – Saint Jerome Emiliani And Sta. Susana Parish

My previous week was spent preparing for Audrey’s baptism, and finally – at last – my church search is over!

I’m glad to inform all of you guys that Saint Jerome Emiliani And Sta. Susana Parish allowed us to hold my baby’s special baptism. We encountered some problems along the way concerning our religion but all has been settled now and thank God for this. The church is situated near the venue, thus providing our guests the east and convenience of transport. This was achieved because of the approval of Saint Jerome Emiliani Church, and this is why I am truly grateful.

Having settled all these, it’s time to work on invitations now. I really wanted it to be scroll type sealed with a crown chain and ribbons. Audrey’s overarching motif is Pink, Gold, and Princess – and this challenges me because aside from the fact that the materials are costly, they are also difficult to find.

On Whimsies and Fancies they have invitation Scrolls that cost around 85 pesos – which of course means that my invitation is more expensive than my souvenirs ( Me-being-oc-with-everything!). My original text here is to go to divisoria but again… I CHANGED MY MIND.


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