My First session at The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab

I’ve always been a fan of our Maestro Ryan, so having a chance to a get a free voice lesson at The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab is a once in a lifetime experience that I just can’t miss! I’m so excited to finally meet my voice coach Rowell, He is very friendly and calm. My anxiety vanished in just 5 minutes talking to him and YES its like magic.

I’m so excited to finally meet my voice coach Rowell, He is very friendly and calm. My anxiety vanished when he started to smile at me and asked me questions about my experience in singing and YES its like magic.

I used to be so overwhelmed and dying with panic attacks on first meeting no matter what it is, but this one is different because I feel like I’m myself and don’t feel any pressure at all ( Ms. Universe? haha).


Here come’s the short voice warm up. At first, it was awkward because you’re opening your mouth so big that you look awful in front of the mirror.

This is important because for Effective verbal communication depends not only on what you say but also on how you sound. When you speak, you make a sound in your larynx (voice box) with your vocal folds. Your vocal folds are soft tissue folds that consist of muscle, ligament and mucous membrane.


He can hear the tightness in my throat that I feel like I’m going to choke so he told me to just let it be, voice cracks is normal singing high notes and I wouldn’t be here if I already knew how to control it.

He let me sing one of my favorite song Β “YOU” by Basil Valdez and assigned me to practice ” Kailan” by Smokey Mountain.

According to him, I’m pitch perfect but my voice needs body because it was too thin, so I need to work more on my diaphragmΒ to allow more air when I sing. He will explain it further in our next meeting.


Enrollment fee for those interested is 6,800 PHP per 10 sessions.

The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab has classes and summer workshops for anyone aged 8 years old and above!

Visit them at the Basement Level of Robinson’s Galleria
or call/text us at 0917-9096484 / 637-9840 / 914-5055
for more details

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Disclosure:Β I received this service for free to provide an honest review.

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  1. This sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime. I wish all the success with you singing career.

  2. wow, I would love to try a lesson to a music school! Seems a funny and interesting experience!

  3. Sounds like your class was so fun! My mother-in-law rediscovered her love for singing in retirement and is now in an all woman acapella group. I’m sure she would love some high-quality lessons like this.

  4. This must have been an amazing experience. I would have been so excited and nervous at the same time.

  5. That sounds very cute. I would really love to get my daughter into a program like this. She has a nice sweet voice but she needs to develop it more. And she loves singings.

  6. Oh my, you’re so lucky! I’m a fan of Mr. Ryan Cayabyab. Unfortunately, I already retire from singing and now focusing as a mom and into blogging. Maybe one day I will have my kids enroll!

  7. I would love to learn how to hit notes without my voice cracking! I feel so self conscious when I sing. I never thought of taking lessons – great idea!

  8. I’ve never had voice lessons before. It’s really interesting to try, I’m not sure if I have it in me to be a singer.

  9. Sounds interesting. I wish one day when I have kids I can get them into some kind of program maybe even music if that is what they are interested in.

  10. Awesome, it must have been a great experience. I can’t sing at all, but I do love music.

  11. That’s so cool that you’re taking singing lessons. I sing, mostly at home but then I’m told to shut up because I have a very nasal voice.

  12. Wow! I have always been passionate about singing. This initiative of Ryan Cayabyab Music school is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I will check it out if I can join.