Voice Coach Benefits and Advantage

One of the common mistakes of a naturally talented singer is to think they don’t need vocal lessons. But here’s the thing, whether you are just starting out or you have been singing for years, Voice coach can only make you better. Even if you have an insanely good voice, singing is something you don’t just do. A GOOD voice coach can teach you technique that you’ll use your whole life, and eventually, help you take your voice to places you didn’t know it could.

Attending my class for the second time at The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab is so much fun! I learned so many things and techniques from my coach. What i love about coach Rowell is that he is so jolly and witty. He even make kwento about how happy he was knowing that his former student Rachel Peters won the Bb. Pilipinas title and you can really see it on his face. I actually forgot my anxiety because he gave me that comfortable relaxing mood which i sooo love about him.

My Bad!

Trying the song “Kailan” again isn’t so bad. In fact,  I’m glad to give justice to the song this time around (hahaha), What my coach didn’t know is that I had too much Milo shake before going to class (mortal sin I know!) But I just can’t help it! So forgive me,  just in case you’ve seen this. I won’t do it again I PROMISE.

The Happy Voice Coach

My coach told me that understanding proper technique will help me far along the line, so I have to make sure you that I understand that it is going to take patience and perseverance on my part to make it work.

I’m now singing from the diaphragm ABSOLUTELY.  Many teachers let this slide or don’t even do it properly themselves. Glad I have found one that doing what he is saying. SALUTEEE!

Don’t be a copy CAT!

One of the downfalls of a singer who thinks they can do it on their own is like a guitar player who copy’s his favorite star. They end sounding more like someone who is already famous and never develop their own style.The more you try to imitate someone else the more you lose yourself. So always listen to your own voice and always make it sound more YOU than the singer who originally recorded it.

There are many ways to get voice lessons for free or at an affordable rate, You can start on you local community or even at schools near you. If you’re in the Philippines you may want to try The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab so I can also see you.

Always remember that a great voice coach will help you find your voice, perfect it, and use it to your advantage. Even those born with the natural singing talent need practice and coaching to reach full potential and improve range. Go for it!


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