Welcome to the Christian World Baby Audrey

I never thought of having a baby again, so when I found out that I was 2 weeks pregnant, I am overwhelmed to overjoyed. My Eldest is 10 years old so I’m afraid that I already forgot how to take care of a newborn baby and hey I did make it! She’s now 7 months old 🙂

When she came, My life is quietly replaced with a different sense of community. My life is much better. It’s hard to be jaded or self-centered once you’re a mom and I learned that from audrey (I was able to remind myself to be calm ..Oooozzzzaaa). I’m getting rid of things so I can make room for my child’s world and I must say, Living with more love and less stuff is liberating!. Motherhood has a way of turning me into a wonder woman  — I’ll never look at a spare 20 minutes the same way again!

Welcome to the Christian World Baby Audrey!
Last Saturday, Together with our family and closest friends, We celebrated her baptism and surround her with our love.  You can tell that the little girl is so happy.

As she begins her amazing journey of faith. … Bless us, parents, as we celebrate the christening of our child.

For Audrey’s God Parents, Thank you. We appreciate your presence and we look forward to spending some quality time with you soon!



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